Empowering people to actively shape their own lives

Guided by an entrepreneurial mindset to which the family owes its success, the Frey Charitable Foundation (FCF) pursues the goal of supporting disadvantaged people in their endeavour to lead independent, dignified and self-determined lives

as key

It is our conviction that sustainable impact is best generated by empowering people to shape their own lives. We believe that social entrepreneurship, combined with emerging technologies and platforms are of fundamental importance in achieving this.

what we do

What makes a Social Entrepreneur?

Our definition

Social entrepreneurs develop disruptive, scalable solutions that address the root-cause of social problems.
The purpose of a Social Enterprise is to have a positive social or environmental impact. Within its business model, a meaningful part of revenue is generated from services or products. Surplus earnings are reinvested to a large extent for social impact.

Combatting inequalities from within

Our mission

We want to empower social entrepreneurs to leverage the benefits of technology and platforms to combat poor education, social injustice and climate change.


our mission

Impact Partners

Our Impact Partners are doing outstanding work either as Social Entrepreneurs themselves or as enablers to strengthen prerequisites for Social Entrepreneurship, such as Education and Human Rights.

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