Our Theory of Change

It is our conviction that sustainable impact is best generated by empowering people to actively shape their own lives. We believe that social entrepreneurship, emerging technologies, and platforms are of fundamental importance in achieving this.

The African continent is the poorest continent in the world. Demographic developments suggest that the current population of ca. 1.38bn will grow by a remarkable 80% in the coming thirty years. As such, the population stands to reach ca. 2.5bn by 2050. This rapid population growth brings forth major economic, societal, and environmental challenges.

These challenges are compounded by the severe impact that climate change will have on the continent – Africa with less than 5% percent of global emissions being a limited polluter itself. Vast areas of the African continent are expected to experience more frequent drought, flooding, and extreme weather events, thereby disrupting agriculture, infrastructure, and other essential systems. A vulnerability which is further aggravated by the prevailing low levels of socioeconomic growth in the continent.

The failure to address and alleviate these economic, societal, and environmental challenges will result in consequences such as the forced displacement of potentially hundreds of millions of people. The effects of which will be felt all across the world.

The Frey Charitable Foundation has made it its mission to address these challenges at their very source and it is here that we see the biggest needs for action and consequently leverage for impact.

We want to empower people to prosper in their local environment and live an economically viable life.

Our vision

Our vision is to help create a world in which individuals can actively shape their own lives, and that of their communities so as to fully prosper in their local environment.

Our mission

We empower social entrepreneurs in leveraging the benefits of technology and platforms to combat poor education, social injustice, and climate change.