We introduce ourselves

Founder and Donator to the Frey Charitable Foundation (FCF) is Rainer-Marc Frey,
a renowned Entrepreneur and Investor.

The Frey Charitable Foundation was established in 2004 as a family foundation recognized by the Swiss Federal Supervisory Authority for Founda­tions. Since 2021, FCF is an active Member of Swiss Foundations.

Tatjana Frey

Co-Founder and President (Board Member) of the Frey Charitable Foundation. Tatjana likes to personally engage through onsite visits to discover the Impact on local people and society.

Rainer-Marc Frey

Founder and Donator (Board Member) of FCF. Rainer-Marc is strategically involved in various public and private companies, where he takes an active role and helps shape their strategy.

Naoko Felder-Kuzu

FCF Board Member since inception. Naoko is the Founder of NFK Felder Consulting, Advisor on impact investment and sustainability as well as B Leader.

Adrian Janser

FCF Board Member since June 2024. Adrian has held the position of CEO of the Horizon21 AG, a family office in Zurich, since 2022.

Marion Gehring

General Manager. Marion has run the foundation at an operational level since the end of 2020 and strives to significantly increase FCF’s impact.

Marc-Philippe Frey

Lead Pilot Projects, a newly created bucket representing the next Generation, focusing on Climate Change and Conservation.